Losing 8lbs in 7 Days – Worlds Biggest Juice Detox

unnamedAs many of you will know if you read my 2013 Bucket List Blog, I have set myself the target of losing 20lbs this year.  This is because I have gained a lot of weight over the past couple of years due to an under-active thyroid, for which I have to take thyroxin.

I decided to kick start my weight loss by doing the Jason Vale ‘Juice Master’s ‘7lbs in 7 days’ programme because I have done it before and I know it works!

Jason is the man who famously helped Jordan lose her Mummy tummy through her juice diet-not that I actually like her or believed that until I tried it for myself after reading a ton of amazing reviews for the detox on Amazon.  All of those people can’t be wrong!

Last time I did it, I saw all of the same benefits and weight loss that I did this time; which included (for me):

  1. 8lbs in Weight Loss
  2. Tons of Energy!
  3. Shiny Hair
  4. Brighter eyes
  5. Clear, soft skin
  6. Eliminated all bloating

The write up on his book says:

Lose up to 7lbs in 7 days with The Juice Master Jason Vale’s ultra-fast 1-week super juice cleanse. The man who helped Jordan to get her post-baby body back has designed a healthy and effective diet and exercise programme to reshape your body in just one week, but with lasting results.The one-week super juice diet with fast, body-transforming results from the UK’s leading health coach and seminar leader Jason Vale – aka The Juice Master. The man who helped Jordan get her slimmed-down post-baby body back has designed a highly motivational and hard-hitting programme for effective speedy weight loss. The ‘7lbs in 7 days Super Juice Diet’ can help you get in shape super-fast to give you a beach-perfect body or help you look sensational in that little black dress.With his simple diet and exercise programme and inspirational message, you will not only lose weight, but also have higher energy levels, clearer skin and be set free from the dieting trap forever.Not only will Jason Vale’s carefully designed juicing plan help you diet more effectively than ever before, it will also power-pack your body with nutrients and enzymes for the ultimate body boost and help you keep weight off permanently.Reshape your body in just one week by following Jason Vale’s effective juicing programme, and feel invigorated and energised while you do it!

You drink 6 juices per day and in a week, my shopping list consisted of:

  • 85 Apples
  • 5 Avocados
  • 1 Banana
  • 1 Beetroot
  • 1 Medium Bunch of Broccoli
  • 5 Medium sized Carrots
  • 1 bunch of Celery
  • 5 Cucumbers
  • 125g Kale
  • 2 Unwaxed Lemons
  • 8 Unwaxed Limes
  • 200g Mixed Green Leaves (Parsley, Spinach, Watercress, etc)
  • 1 Orange
  • 8 Pineapples
  • 300g Baby Spinach leaves
  • 75g Watercress
  • 1 Courgette
  • 85g Alfalfa Sprouts
  • Cinnamon Powder
  • 125g Raw Ginger Root
  • 90g Parsley
  • 800ml Bio-Live Yogurt
  • 1 Bottle friendly Bacteria
  • 1 Tub Spirulina Powder
  • 1 Jar Superfood Supplement
  • 1 Jar Wheatgrass Powder

If you wish to try this, you will also need:

  • A juicer
  • A decent jug Blender
  • Lots of Ice

NB – Not a smoothie maker.

My Fridge after my 7lbs in 7 days shop

My Fridge after my 7lbs in 7 days shop

My Worktop after my 7lbs in 7 days shop!

My Worktop after my 7lbs in 7 days shop!

As you can see, this is not a detox to be taken lightly!

My advice to succeed is:

  • You MUST read the book first.  Without this, you will likely fail
  • Get the app, it has all of the videos for how to make the juices, motivational videos, recipes, and a shopping list feature which is useful if you want to shop fresh every three days like I did this second time

What I experienced:

Day 1

You’ll probably be pleasantly surprised by how pleasant the juices taste.  I expected them to taste revolting, but in fact they were delicious and fruity!  He cleverly masks the taste of less appealing ingredients with strong fruits

Lots of cravings for solid food and rubbish – remember these are all psychological! Towards the end of the first day, both times I got a killer headache.  This is because your body is not having to process food, so your body can begin to process all of the toxins that it usually has stored, these cause the headache.

To combat this – drink plenty to help flush the toxins out, and exercise, as it stimulates the lymphatic system which speeds up this process.

Day 2

Still tons of cravings for solid food.  You will likely still have the headache, but this will start to ease by the end of day 2 or the start of day 3

Day 3 

You will start to feel really great on day 3.  Lighter on your feet, I noticed a difference in the way my skin felt and looked already at this point, I also noticed my energy levels picking up, and getting out of bed didn’t seem like a struggle like it often does (especially at this time of year, when it’s darker).  The cravings for solid food have eased off significantly, as I can see and feel the benefits and ‘see the light at the end of the tunnel’ (almost half way there)!

Day 4 

Relief that you are finally more than half way there!  By now I had noticed that my hair looked shiny and glossier than usual.  I felt light on my feet, and my tummy was noticeably less bloated! I had tons of energy and my craving for solid food had disappeared completely

Day 5

Appetite significantly reduced, a feeling of general wellbeing,  flat tummy and 5.5lbs lost to date!

Day 6

I didn’t like the juices much on day 6 after Passion For Juice Master (one of my favourites).  A hint-do NOT make the second one of these in a batch with the first one and store it… for some reason this curdles and brings out the taste of the spirulina.  It goes from delicious to disgusting… This is the one juice that cannot be flashed and saved for later!  Pure Green Super Juice was revolting, but at least he recognises this and gives you an orange slice to suck on to take away the taste

Day 7

Lovely.  My favourite juice is on this day, Sherbert Lemonade, and really does taste like fizzy lemonade!

Day 8

Step on the scales to alb weight loss (in my case).

I also started the first day of his 14 day follow up programme.  It is important to remember to phase yourself back into eating solid food gradually if you don’t want to get constipated!

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13 Comments on “Losing 8lbs in 7 Days – Worlds Biggest Juice Detox”

  1. Liz
    January 14, 2013 at 6:57 pm #

    Hi Emma :-).

    I like the sound of this, ie I like the sound of losing this much weight in what appears to be such an easy way in such a short time. But… I have some reservations (quite apart from the cost of all that fruit and veg!). What happens when you start to eat normally again? The most successful diets I’ve read about are those which re-train your poor eating habits which for most of us (not you, I realise your weight gain was down to your medical issues) are the cause of the creeping weight gain in the first place. This is usually done by getting you to eat healthily and exercise more. Those type of diets make you lose weight more slowly (I’ve read that the most healthy amount to lose each week is 1-2lbs with 3lbs being the maximum) and slow weight loss is more likely to stay off rather than be regained once you go back to your “normal” eating patterns.

    Perhaps I should get the book out of the library and have a read to see for myself his rationale behind it and how he thinks it is healthy, especially for the longer-term juice-only programmes.

    I have taken up running since the New Year – I’m 2 weeks into a Couch-to-5k programme and quite enjoying it. Ian and I run 3 times a week or so, usually with the dog. Luckily Ian is very fit so he’s quite happy to take detours to pick up poo or track down a lost ball in the dark while I carry on running. I have yet to see any impact on the scales, but I suspect that could be because I’m still eating too much sugary stuff. Must break that habit somehow!!

    Take care 🙂

    Liz xx

    • January 17, 2013 at 1:13 am #

      Hi Liz,

      The programme is about seeing and feeling the benefits of healthy eating. My friend Leila and I both did this together and experienced the same desire to continue at the end. 5 days on, she has still not picked up a cigarette (she gave up her nicotine patches during the detox) or resumed drinking tea or coffee!

      When you finish, Jason is quick to remind you that you can’t go back to eating immediately- you have to reintroduce solid food gradually. I am currently having juice for breakfast followed by soup or salad for lunch and salad or soup for dinner…

      Basically, you return to eating only 1 solid meal per day, which is salad. This alternates between lunch and supper.

      I still feel great, and the weight is staying off! 😀

  2. January 17, 2013 at 8:54 am #

    I admire your determination. I also have thyroid problems, but mine is hyper. It took the doctors years to figure out what was wrong with me. Now I’m on the right track and the disease is under control. They say in time my thyroid will switch gears and it will become under active. I never knew how vital the thyroid is until I began this journey. Take care.

    • January 18, 2013 at 12:36 am #

      It’s horrid. I hear hyper is not much fun either… Still, I do wish I could have the inability to gain weight that goes with it… I’m used to being a skinny-mini, but recently not so much!

      Sent from my iPhone

      • January 18, 2013 at 8:10 am #

        I didn’t enjoy it much. I have Graves Disease, which is treatable, but no cure. Fortunately I reacted well to the medicine. However, if my number dips below the danger line they will have to remove my thyroid completely. It was an experience that taught me not to take life for granted. You never know what can happen.

      • January 18, 2013 at 8:13 am #

        Very true! Last night as I was driving, I saw someone lying in the middle of the road, receiving CPR… You just never know when your time is up… I still feel shaken up by that now!

      • January 18, 2013 at 8:21 am #

        That’s horrible. I’ll think positive thoughts for the woman–such a terrible thing to happen and to see.

      • January 18, 2013 at 10:31 pm #

        I am going to send her family positive thoughts… Sadly she didn’t make it 😦

  3. April 3, 2014 at 8:17 pm #

    diet plan is basically a limited time effort to lose as much weight as possible. Yet there is more than one way to lose weight, and even if you only have 7 days to lose weight, you still have the future to consider, especially if you wish to continue losing weight after those 7 days are over.

  4. May 19, 2014 at 5:03 pm #

    The Paleo diet could be the healthiest method
    you’ll be able to eat because it could be the SOLELY nutritional strategy that works together your genetics that will help you stay powerful,
    slim and enthusiastic! Investigation in biology, biochemistry,
    Ophthalmology, Dermatology and many different professions reveal it is our contemporary
    diet, filled with refined meals, trans fats and glucose, that is at the cause of degenerative
    illnesses such as obesity, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Parkinson’s,
    Alzheimer’s, depression and fertility.

  5. rachel ncube
    March 16, 2015 at 5:33 am #

    l realy want to take up the juice diet and am starting today.l weigh 115 and lm glad after this l will be somewhere around 105 ?God help me


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