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Go Fully Raw For a Month

During one of my earlier 7 Day Juice Fasts, I first learned about the raw diet through Jason Vale (aka Jason Vale Juice-master).  I was intrigued, but did wonder how manageable it would be to eat nothing but raw foods.  People who eat nothing but raw foods are called raw foodists.  It seems to be […]

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Take my Daughter to an African Orphanage

Take My Daughter to visit an Orphanage in Kenya, Africa

I have dreamed of working in an African orphanage project ever since I watched Comic Relief as a child; but given that I had my first child before I finished university-I was unable to do the gap year travel thing when my peers did. It will be some years before my children are old enough […]

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Northern Lights in Abisko

How to See the Northern Lights

I have been fascinated The Northern Lights have me ever since I have known about them.  It’s hard to imagine seeing the night sky alight with streaks of colour dancing like some amazing freak-of-nature induced acid trip.  Like many others-this has featured high on my bucket list for a long time.  This desire was reignited again […]

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Abisko National Park, Sweden

Visit Abisko National Park, Sweden

If you have read my recent two posts, you will know that I recently visited the ICEHOTEL and ICEBAR in Sweden. After this, we headed North to Abisko National Park with a view to catching a glimpse of the evasive Northern Lights. We were lucky enough to do just this (see my next post). Abisko […]

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Drink Vodka in an Ice Bar

Having a drink in an ice bar first made it onto my bucket list a few years ago after my friend, Tina, posted pictures of her visit to The Absolut Ice Bar in London. I had not realised that these places existed outside of cold countries! My partner was less excited, and refused the London […]

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Screen shot 2013-04-16 at 00.18.17

Stay at The ICEHOTEL in Sweden

Ever since I watched James Bond movie, Die Another Day, I have wanted to stay in an ice hotel. It looked so decadent and beautiful. I remember being amazed to know that ice hotels actually existed, and right there; before my bucket list was even formally created, staying in an ice hotel was officially added […]

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Smoke a (Special) Cigar

I am usually a staunch anti-smoker, and always have been. It killed my grandfather. This wasn’t technically on my list, but seeing it on Michele with one L’s: ‘Probably not going to happen‘ list, made me think that I should add it retrospectively. So here is the reason why an anti-smoking female decided to smoke […]

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Spectacular Fuerzabruta!

I had somehow never heard of this show until I read about it on a blog I follow recently! I IMMEDIATELY added it to my bucket list! It looked positively mesmerising! She put spoiler alerts in, so I guess I should warn you that I’m detailing the full show too… But for me-this is what […]

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Screen shot 2013-01-24 at 22.21.28

Husky Racing in Lapland!

I knew before we even departed for our holiday to Lapland that I wanted to go husky sledging (by the way is it sledging or sledding-I never know?!) …I have heard AMAZING things about it, and have a slight fascination with huskies ever since I stumbled upon YouTube videos of Mishka the talking Dog: About […]

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The TOP of the Run
Saariselkä, Finland's Longest Toboggan Run

Longest Toboggan run in Lapland!

Following on from the my last post Visit the Real Santa in Lapland!  Whilst at Saariselkä, we made use of the amazing Toboggan Run which is situated on a mountain (Fell/Fjell) that is also used as a ski run.   We borrowed sledges from our hotel reception, free of charge, for a deposit of 2€ each. […]

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Meet Santa in Lapland FEATURED

Visit the Real Santa in Lapland!

This year, my partner had to work away over the whole of Christmas. These magical Christmases with our daughter are not going to last forever, so rather than him miss out on the magic, he decided to book the three of us on a trip to Finnish Lapland to visit Santa before he left. We […]

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Screen Shot 2013-01-13 at 21.57.06

Losing 8lbs in 7 Days – Worlds Biggest Juice Detox

As many of you will know if you read my 2013 Bucket List Blog, I have set myself the target of losing 20lbs this year.  This is because I have gained a lot of weight over the past couple of years due to an under-active thyroid, for which I have to take thyroxin. I decided […]

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Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 11.48.05

My Take on the Fatal Zorbing Accident in Russia – Absolutely Needless!

As many of you will know if you are regulars to my Bucket List, I am a massive fan of extreme sports and have tried many at some point, including: Wing-Walking, Bungee Jumping, Aerobatic Flying, Zip-lining from the top of a mountain, Catapult Bungying, Bungee Ball, Sky-Diving, Indoor Sky-Diving, Caving in a Kayak, Hydro-Zorbing and Zorbing, […]

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Dune Buggy Spider Car in the Hurghada desert

Egypt (Part 4) Dune Buggies, Quad Bikes and Camels

After we had returned to Badawya from visiting the Bedouin camp by Jeep Safari (see earlier post), earlier in the day, the children were taken to see reptiles, a tortoise and other desert creatures whilst I went to ride a quad bike through the desert. Quad Biking across sand dunes The minimum age for this was 16, […]

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Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 15.20.51

My Bucket List has been featured in Woman’s Own magazine!

Back at the end of September I was contacted by a lady called Kristina from Caters news via my Latitude post with the following message: Of course, I was very flattered, and because it was such a lovely message-I accepted.  It is lovely to think I might inspire even one other person who is going through […]

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