Extreme / Wacky Experience Goals

Extreme / Wacky Experience Goals – Current Status 32/55

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  1. ✓ Do a wing-walk – I have wanted to do this ever since I first saw the Crunchie team many years ago.
  2. ✓ Do a Sky Dive – just because it’s one of those things that most people want to do, and I’d like to experience free fall
  3. Take part in a Flash Mob
  4. ✓ Go Indoor Sky Diving
  5. ✓ Take an aerobatics lesson in a Stunt Plane
  6. Have a flying lesson in a tiger moth
  7. ✓ Learn to fly a helicopter
  8. ✓ Go Wacky Racing
  9. Race in a Sedgway Rally – BOOKED (Watch This Space!)
  10. Go White Water Rafting
  11. ✓ Go on a Desert Jeep Safari
  12. Do the human slingshot
  13. Ride the Worlds highest Rope Swing
  14. Have a hang-glider lesson – Booked 
  15. ✓ Go Surfing
  16. ✓ Go Microlighting in a hanglider style aircraft – Done – Post to follow! 
  17. ✓ Go Bungee Jumping
  18. ✓ Do a Harnessed Catapult Bungee
  19. ✓ Cage Bungee Slingshot – Paris
  20. Go Paint balling
  21. ✓ Go Go-karting
  22. Climb/scramble/trek up more mountains (because I found it a buzz when my partner first took me to Snowdonia, North Wales and we summited 3 mountains in a long weekend break)
  23. ✓ Go Skiing – (Completed – Watch This Space!)
  24. ✓ Go Coasteering
  25. ✓ Go Rock Climbing
  26. Go Ice Climbing
  27. Go Caving or Pot Holing
  28. Go Cave Tubing in Belize (I want to do this having seen it on Annette’s Blog)
  29. ✓ Go Caving in a Sea Canoe in Thailand 
  30. Fly in a trapeze
  31. ✓ Go Snow Boarding (I snow boarded in Andorra back in February 2005)
  32. ✓ Go Jet Skiing
  33. ✓ Have a husky sled ride
  34. ✓ Go Snow Mobiling
  35. ✓ Go for a reindeer sleigh ride
  36.  Sledge down the Longest Toboggan Run in Lapland
  37. ✓ Go Zorbing (sphering) down a hill
  38. ✓ Go Aqua-zorbing or Hydra-Zorbing (closest thing to a human washing machine apparently)
  39. This is ambitious, but I would like to travel in space, perhaps in a Virgin Galactic Flight
  40. Go on a zero gravity flight (and experience weightlessness)
  41. ✓ Ride in a dune buggy through a desert
  42. ✓ Ride a Quad Bike in the desert
  43. Go extreme zip lining through the tree tops in the Costa Rica through the rain forest tree canopy
  44. Hover craft racing
  45. ✓ Experience Weightlessness
  46. Zapcat Racing – an extremely fast speedboat that bounces along on the water.
  47. ✓ Hold a Snake 
  48. ✓ Hold a Monkey
  49. ✓ Hold a Tarantula
  50. Rope Climbing (in tree tops)
  51. Power fan plummet (possibly in conjunction with the previous rope climbing activity)
  52. Go hover-rafting in the Everglades
  53. ✓ Go extreme zip lining from the top of a mountain
  54. ✓ Ride the rides at the Top of the Stratosphere
  55. Learn Fire Hooping/Fire Dance

Emma’s Charity Sky Dive

Zip-Lining from the top of Red Mountain, Nevada

Las Vegas!

Emma ‘Wing-Walking on a Boeing Stearman’

3-2-1 BUNGEE!

Holding a monkey, a bitter sweet experience at the Phuket Monkey School

Emma ‘Snow Boarding in Andorra’

Emma Learns Aerobatic Flying in a Stunt Plane

Zorbing at Devil’s Dyke

Emma Learns to Fly a Helicopter

Bungee Ball (Sling shot) experience in Paris

Experience Weightlessness

2 Comments on “Extreme / Wacky Experience Goals”

  1. January 20, 2013 at 4:05 pm #

    Jetskiing is bonkers I love it, it’s like seaside and Harley Davison all in one, talk about pig in sh*t!

    Flashmob is a good one – I wonder if trying to organise all those who want to do one to this sort of end would work in actually creating it?

    I like the way you have linked these things to posts when you’ve done it, I hope you don’t mind but I might like to steal the idea behind that (I will credit you of course!)

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