Other Experience Goals

Other Experience Goals – 20/39
  1. ✓ Fly an airline style jet simulator 
  2. Fly in a sea plane (preferably somewhere like the Maldives-we did go once before, but the island we stayed at was only a speed boat transfer away).
  3. Fly in First or Upper class (my partner’s airline do not have this-so the closest I have ever come is premium economy, I haven’t even been in Business class).
  4. Travel in a submarine
  5. Try Hot Yoga or Bikram Yoga
  6. ✓ Go to a camping music Festival (having had my children at a young age, this had somehow escaped me until this year)
  7. Fly in a Hot Air Balloon
  8. Go on a cruise
  9. ✓ Go Skinny Dipping!
  10. ✓ Drink Vodka in an ICEBAR
  11. ✓ Go ice fishing – (Completed – Watch This Space!)
  12. ✓ Watch Derren Brown on tour (I have done this twice now, both Enigma and Swengali)
  13. ✓ Go to Disney World
  14. ✓ Go to Sea World
  15. Visit Discovery Cove in Florida
  16. Go to the Universal Studios in America
  17. Visit Bush Gardens in Florida
  18. See the Florida Keys
  19. ✓ Stay on a Working Ranch in Arizona (by the Grand Canyon)
  20. ✓ Fly in a helicopter (so far, we have done this in New York, St Lucia, and Las Vegas/through the Grand Canyon)
  21. ✓ Smoke a Cigar
  22. lSwim with a dolphin
  23. Go diving and see sea turtles
  24. ✓ Go on a driving safari in Africa
  25. Go on a camping safari in Africa
  26. ✓ Swim under a giant waterfall
  27. ✓ Ride on an elephant
  28. ✓ Ride on a Camel
  29. ✓ Take a pole-dancing class
  30. Complete the renovation work on our house (it’s been unfinished for 4 and a half years)
  31. ✓ Climb up the Eiffel Tower (we managed to make it to the last stage before the top)
  32. Go for a long horse ride along a deserted beach at full gallop
  33. Join the Mile High club-haha!
  34. ✓ Go Snorkelling in The Red Sea, Egypt
  35. ✓ Go on a Spa Weekend With my Mum
  36. Go on a full-on pampering weekend in a luxury manor house spa resort with an in house gourmet restaurant
  37. Go for high tea with some girl friends
  38. ✓ Go to a Lady Boy show in Thailand
  39. Learn to Hoop Dance

2 Comments on “Other Experience Goals”

  1. Laura
    May 16, 2012 at 12:12 pm #

    Emma you are truly amazing….people like you are the reason I love life and love going new places. too meet people full of life like you! I have also been through darkness and come out into the light and decided to enjoy every little thing in life, people spend too much time thinking negatively instead of deciding what they want from life and going and getting it. I love your blog, it is brilliant! and the photos are amazing. I have done some things on your list….I have a lot of the same things as you on my list that I haven’t done and you have inspired me with somethings I didn’t even know existed but I will definitely be doing…..Stratosphere..?! holy cow that looks terrifying!! I may even start a blog of happiness…..you are a true inspiration and a wonderful sparkly person 🙂 always look for the positive when there is negative…..light up the darkness. 🙂 your Dads would be immensely proud of you x

    • December 17, 2012 at 1:40 pm #

      Ahh thank you SO MUCH for that comment Laura! That was really lovely to read, and THAT is one of the most wonderful things about writing this blog. I am so touched by your words. THANK YOU 😀

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