Family Goals

  1. Raise children who are happy and healthy
  2. Avoid having petty arguments with my partner – there’s more to life than being right
  3. ✓ Do my best to ensure that my children eat healthily and excersise regularly-and enjoy it! 
  4. ✓ Invest in my children’s education (either schooling, university or both financially)
  5. Give each of my children the opportiunity to learn a musical instrument (2 out of 3 at the moment)
  6. ✓ Take all 3 of my children to Disney – Disney Land Paris with my sons and Disney World, Orlando with my daughter
  7. Become a Grand parent (but not any time soon!)
  8. Have a professional photo shoot of all of my children together
  9. Have a photo shoot with my mother, daughter and I together
  10. Have a Photo Shoot with my partner and daughter
  11.  Make Chocolate Easter Eggs with my Children
  12. ✓ Take My children Indoor Rock Climbing
  13. ✓ Enable all 3 children to go on a skiing holiday
  14. Write a Will
  15. ✓ Visit my uncle in Thailand

One Comment on “Family Goals”

  1. June 4, 2012 at 10:42 am #

    I don’t get that a manicure is esisnteal for a man but most of the other ones reduce to get out and live, always learn and master new skills, and do something for other people; all of which are worthwhile endeavours. I don’t have a formal bucket list but I do try to travel off the beaten path to weird places (neolithic site north of Scotland close to the Arctic circle) and/or visit touristy places with a little twist added in (I sat on the Lincoln Memorial step where MLK gave his I Have a Dream speech and listened to an MP3 of the speech I had saved, try it next time you are there). I think the important aspect of a bucket list is to dream some dreams and work to achieve them (scaling Mt Everest doesn’t just happen by itself nor does a threesome ).

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