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Spectacular Fuerzabruta!

I had somehow never heard of this show until I read about it on a blog I follow recently! I IMMEDIATELY added it to my bucket list! It looked positively mesmerising! She put spoiler alerts in, so I guess I should warn you that I’m detailing the full show too… But for me-this is what […]

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Travel Bucket List: New York! New York!

This is a catch up post (we visited New York 3 years ago, in the Spring) I have always wanted to go to New York, let’s face it who hasn’t? I think though, that at the time when I first met my partner, most women my age were massive fans of Sex and the City, […]

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The Bucket List

After deciding my new life approach, I got around to the hard part… Deciding what I actually wanted to put on MY list.  It’s very easy to put things on that you think you ‘should’ want to do, or things that other’s perceive as important, and why not I guess?  However, I wanted my list […]

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