The Bucket List

After deciding my new life approach, I got around to the hard part… Deciding what I actually wanted to put on MY list.  It’s very easy to put things on that you think you ‘should’ want to do, or things that other’s perceive as important, and why not I guess?  However, I wanted my list to really be a true reflection of the things that I wanted to do.  I got married and had my first child far too young with hindsight.  I was 20 when I got married, and just 21 when I had my son-I was still at university… I still remember breaking the news of my pregnancy to my father, terrified of his reaction to an unplanned pregnancy.

Actually the folks were pretty cool, considering.  My step-father had no particular opinion to share, my Mum accepted it and wanted to support me, though I think she was sad, and my biological father told me that ‘as long as I graduated, with at least a 2:1, then it was ok with him (anything less, he told me, was just not worth having).  Well, that stayed with me, and I did get a 2:1 with honours! So there.

The marriage didn’t last of course, I think even I knew it was doomed from the start to be honest. I have no idea why I married him. Still, I have 2 beautiful sons, and some worthwhile lessons that shaped me as a person as a result… I did though, miss out on a lot of the wonderful experiences and travel opportunities that my peers had after they graduated.  I was too busy working and paying for mortgages and was weighed down with responsibility.

A part of me does regret it, but at the same time, I was lucky to get on the property ladder at a time when it was still relatively affordable to do so, and I having children young does have it’s benefits.  I did of course meet a lovely new man, who I am still very much in love with and who gave me a beautiful daughter.  His career as an airline pilot has opened doors to some wonderful opportunities to travel and also some challenging personal-growth opportunities.

This gives you a little background to who I am as a person and what will be on my list… So his is how my list looked at the point after my father passed away. The ones that are crossed through have already been achieved at the time of my fathers’ passing:

This list is going to be added to, and I may have missed some. I will copy this list to ‘THE LIST’ Section and update it in real-time for anyone who wants to know how I progress.  I am really posting this as a reference to where my list stood at the time of my ‘epiphany’ about taking my hopes and dreams more seriously and some of these have already been ticked off since my father passed away back in January… The following posts will be my journey.
Please leave any comments with places you think I would love to see-or should be seen in my life time, and also any other experiences that you think would be fun to try

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One Comment on “The Bucket List”

  1. Lilly
    August 4, 2011 at 4:05 pm #

    Great List!

    There’s a lot of things on there that I want to do too

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