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Travel Bucket List: New York! New York!

This is a catch up post (we visited New York 3 years ago, in the Spring) I have always wanted to go to New York, let’s face it who hasn’t? I think though, that at the time when I first met my partner, most women my age were massive fans of Sex and the City, […]

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Visit to The Valley of Fire, Nevada

We ended up missing our flight home from Las Vegas, but Virgin Atlantic were very good and allowed us to transfer our flights home for the next available flight. There was some sort of holiday weekend going on, so the next day’s flight was already fully booked, as were many of the hotels. In the […]

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Helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon, and a night in a tipi at Grand Canyon Working Ranch

One of the things we wanted to do during our stay in Las Vegas was take a few days out to visit the Grand Canyon. We um-ed and ah-ed about whether to hire a car and drive down, or whether to take a helicopter tour, but I thought it would be awesome to fly through […]

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